Mumbai Voyagers

Hello Team Mumbai Hikers,

We, Mumbai Voyagers are a group of Professionals merged as Adventure Enthuast. We would love to list our group on your website. Kindly find below the details.


a) Group name :- MUMBAI VOYAGERS

b) Facebook page :-

c) Link to Facebook event which has full details :- Please refer event section of our page

d) Your group website(optional) :- (Currently the site is under maintenance, we shall be updating soon)

e) You need to send you details of your groups :- Mumbai Voyagers is a group of 4 Professionals merged as Adventure Enthuast. To fulfill the needs for adventure, treks, long distance riding, Cycling, Water Sports River Rafting , Camping etc.

f) Date group started (optional) :- June 2015

g) Number of treks done till now :- 16

h) Name of trek leaders :- Co-founders of Mumbai Voyagers.


Rarely seen without songs or bunny (camera) in his hand or front

Jalpesh is a commerce Graduate and a Company Secretary by profession having over 3 years of experience and currently functioning as Company Secretary of Vibrant Global Capital Limited (Listed). Further he is also a professor teaching commerce graduates for over 4 years.


Rarely seen tired or with light luggage (or is it his bag)…

Jackin with over 3 years of experience is currently designated as Asst. Manager Finance-Tax Compliance at BNP Paribus India Group, a part of BNP International banks. His interest for outdoors has led him to complete even the Himalayan Treks and his hunger is not even close to being satiated.


Rarely seen walking without guiding or training (even who don’t need)

Abhishek is Practising Company Secretary as well as Founding Partner of Absurance Consultancy; a firm engaged in services ranging between Legal, Compliance Secretarial, Accounts, Audit, Taxation, etc.) His interest also encompass teaching and training which he has efficiently executed by teaching and training for above 2 years in various commerce fields(including Law).


Rarely seen saying “we are lost” (rather never)

Keshav a Commerce graduate and a Company Secretary is currently working as Senior Executive at Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX). His zeal for adventure and thrill has taken him places including the Himalaya. A adrenaline junkie at best is rarely seen behind or below.


g) Phone numbers of founders/trek leaders (who are posting on mumbaihikers and will be able to reply to whatsapp and phone call regarding your group events )

Abhishek Prakash :- 98215 24832

Jalpesh Darji :- 80973 21219

Jackin Rajgor :- 98217 95738

Keshav Gupta :- 96642 08700


Links to treks leaders profiles on facebook :-

Abhishek Prakash :-

Jalpesh Darji :-

Jackin Rajgor :-

Keshav Gupta :-


i) Qualifications of trek leaders :- As a Group, Our Leads have each done 20+ Treks and also hold 3 Certificates for completion of Himalayan Treks.

(number of treks done till now,any trekking qualification NIM,HMI etc)


j)Names of founders (if different from trek leaders) :-

Same as Point h)

k)Address of main group office (optional for very small groups) – N.A.

Best Regards,
Mumbai Voyagers
Contact :
Jackin :- 9821795738
Abhishek :- 9821524832
Jalpesh :- 8097321219
Keshav :- 9664208700
Kindly contact our friends registered on Your Web Portal

1. Sumeru Trekkers

Vijay Vankar (Mb – 8691902227)

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