1 Hour of Waterfall Relaxation in HD-Soothing Sound of Water-Nature Sounds Meditation

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Water is essential for every living organism on this planet. We use water in every situation of our lives. We use it to survive ourselves, with two thirds of our bodies being made up of water, all of our foods stuffs require water in their production and manufacturing, every product we gather around use requires water for its production including our homes and workplaces.

It is something we must protect, as you will see from the statistics below there is not a lot of usable water available to use even though so much of the Earths surface is water.

We can use water as a healing aid, many illnesses can be prevented and cured with the correct consumption of water. Water has great therapeutic qualities when in motion, the sounds it creates as it moves and flows are very calming to the mind and body. Relax with this recording of a mountain river in the unspoilt countryside of County Leitrim, Ireland.

A few statistics about water:-

Statistical figures vary within a percent or two depending on the source of information, therefore figures quoted below are very close approximations to the true figures.

1. The Earths surface is 71% water.
2. 96.5% of all the Earths water is held in the seas and oceans.
3. 1.7% is under the surface of the Earth, known as groundwater.
4. Another 1.7% is held as ice in the Earths glaciers and ice caps.
5. Held in vapour form in the air and as droplets in the clouds is a mere 0.001%.
6. Only 2.5% of the Earths water is freshwater, with 98% of that in ice and groundwater.
7. Less than 0.3% of all the Earths freshwater is in lakes, rivers and the atmosphere.
8. In a healthy adult more than 70% of the body is water.
9. The human brain is made up of almost 95% water.
10. Blood can be as high as 95% water.
11. The lungs can be as much as 90% water.
12. A mere drop of 2% can trigger the signs of dehydration.
13. 75% of north Americans are chronically dehydrated. (This figure is probably very similar for the rest of the worlds population).
14. A persons metabolism is slowed down as much as 3% by even mild dehydration.
15. The lack of water has been shown to be the #1 cause of daytime fatigue.
16. 80% of back and joint pain sufferers can ease their pain by drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day according to preliminary research.

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