1 Hour Relaxing Nature Sounds-Meditation-Sound of Water Relaxation-Mindfulness-Soothing

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It is now possible to donate to this project. If you have found that they have helped you in your own life or a loved ones, you may like to contribute by donation. With funding I will be able to make even better videos for you and those you care about. I have installed a donate button on my channel page for your convenience and secure contributions will be sent through Paypal.

I sincerely enjoy creating these videos for you and those you care about. Being able to offer them for you to view for free here on youtube has been important to me. I would not like for someone not to be able to view these because of a lack of money if I was to sell them rather than having them here, free to view on youtube.

I would like to create another type of healing video to add to my collection, for that I will need to purchase a new piece of equipment. I know you will like very much what I have in mind.

With this video, why not take a few moments for yourself during which you can sit or lay down in a relaxed position. Turn off the phone and any other potential noises that may become an interruption. Take a few slow deep breaths as you scan your body for any tension that may have built up. As you breath in visualize your breath as being clean and healthy, as your breath enters your body, visualize any stress or tension leaving your body on the out breath. Continue to do this until you feel more relaxed, all the while playing this soothing video to help with your relaxation.

You can help to spread these moments of calm to others around the entire world simply by passing this video on, so they may also benefit from natures healing energy.

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