1 hour Soothing Nature Sounds-Sound of Water W/O Birds Singing-Relaxation-Relaxing Waterfall

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Nature sounds have been shown in many studies to have very positive effects on people with various needs, ailments, disabilities, etc. Try listening to these natural soundscapes when you are feeling a little down in yourself. The soothing sounds of nature calm both mind and body.

Of course the best way to appreciate and feel the full potential of natures healing capacity is to be out in the natural environment surrounded by it’s tranquility.

Not everybody can get out into nature, for many and varied reasons, these videos are for you, why not share with a friend, and send them a few moments of calm today.

I seek out those calming locations in Irelands most beautiful landscapes and record as true a sense of each location for you to enjoy.

Take a few moments for yourself, sit or lie down, relax into as comfortable position as possible. As you view this video start to imagine you are actually there with your feet in the cool clear water. Hear the soothing sounds of this peaceful mountain river as it passes you by. Imagine breathing in the clear pure air as you become more and more relaxed.

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