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A Short Meditation-Soothing Sound of the Sea-Relaxing Lapping Waves-Sound of Nature-Relaxation

Sunday, October 9th, 2016 | puneadmin | Nature Music

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Have you been for a walk today, if at all possible take some time for yourself today and get outside into the open air and walk. Make a commitment to yourself right now, “I will go for a walk today in the outdoors.”

You will feel the benefit of doing so, try if at all possible to walk close to nature, by a river, a lake or by the sea are wonderful places to walk because of the action of moving water on the air around it, it’s action helps to create a wonderful atmosphere.

The longer you can walk the more relaxed your mind will become. With each breath you take allow your stress and tensions to leave your mind and body on the out breath. Take time to wonder at the beauty around you, not only a wonderful landscape scene but also nature in close up.

Spend time looking closely at the bark of a tree, a wild flower, look at the intricacies of pattern in the leaves and in the petals of the flowers. Many of you I know from all the stories you send me, are not able to go outside for many and varied reasons, as you watch this video, imagine yourself down by the sea, feel a cool breeze filled with the scent of the ocean. Listen to the gentle leaping sound of the waves and an occasional seabird in the distance.

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