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3 ways to improve your ability to relax

1. Listen to music

Listening to music is a very common and proven method of relaxation. Numerous studies have been carried out, researching the effects of music on reducing stress. Appropriately relaxing music played throughout these studies was found to lower stress levels in everyday life, this was also found to be the case with critically ill patients, people undergoing surgery and pregnant women.

Naturally we all have different tastes in music, equally each of us is going to find different music genres relaxing. An obvious point, but one worth mentioning all the same, when you are selecting music to relax with remember to chose music that doesn’t raise your heart rate and get you all fired up, but rather chose some music which is inclined to lower your heart rate and calm you down.

Classical music is an ideal choice for relaxation, especially when it is an instrumental piece with no lyrics to distract the mind. Of course it goes without saying, listen to the less dramatic works which don’t vary too much in mode or tempo.

2. Get active
This may sound at odds with relaxation, but it has been proven in many studies that increasing fitness levels also improves a persons ability to relax. The fitter you are the easier it is for your blood to travel throughout the body carrying essential nutrients and oxygen to the muscles and various organs including the brain.

The better the muscle tone in the body, the less physical stress there will be during exercise or even at rest. Improved muscle tone is achieved with varying types of exercise. The more you can vary the types of exercise you take part in the better your overall fitness will be. Mix your physical exercises to include all parts of the body. If you are not able to take part in variety of different movements and all you can manage is a short walk, then do that. A regular walk is wonderful for both the body and mind.

Taking part in leisurely physical activity is in itself relaxing. A good long walk out of doors in the fresh air is a wonderful time for thinking. As you walk you naturally breath deeper bringing in more oxygen for both the working muscles and the brain. With this extra oxygen in your bloodstream you will find you will be able to think more clearly.

If you are not already taking part in an exercise regime, make a commitment to yourself that you will walk once a day for ten minutes. Once this becomes a habit, ‘usually three weeks’, you will naturally want to increase the time and distance walked.

3. Take deep breaths
As mentioned above breathing deeper brings more oxygen into the lungs. This extra oxygen is made available to the whole body including the brain via your bloodstream.
When you have been exercising for some time and feel fit enough it is a good thing to exercise at a pace which requires you to breath quicker and deeper than you normally would. The fitter you get the higher the intensity of the exercise you will be able to take part in. Remember that the added bonus to improving your fitness is that you will also find it easier to relax, relative to your ability to do so at present.

If you find yourself with the need to relax in a hurry, take a couple of deep breaths. Sometimes there isn’t time to put on your favorite relaxing music or go for a walk. There are occasions, such as in the middle of a heated argument when we need to find the resources within us to calm down very quickly. In situations like this it is worth remembering that a few slow deep breaths can bring you to a calmer state of mind.

People suffering from anxiety attacks often find themselves breathing shallower and more rapidly than normal. A few slow deep breaths can be an effective aid to relaxation. If you regularly feel such attacks, it can be helpful to incorporate deep breathing into your regular routine or join a yoga, Pilates or meditation class, as each of these use deep breathing to promote relaxation and wellbeing.

It is always important to get the advice of your health practitioner before embarking on an exercise regime.



The images and nature sounds used in this video are my own recordings are are copyrighted to me. The music used in this video is by Handel 1685-1759, and is in the Public Domain, it can be downloaded from this page

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