Relaxing Sound of Nature-20min.-Water Sounds-Waterfall in HD for Large Screen Viewing

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“Truly blissful and what a gift. I thank the kind person who has transformed my inner city apartment into a haven of tranquility. I honestly believe doctors should start to prescribe these wonderful moments of relief to stressed out patients. I almost feel instinctively that I’m gaining something good and right from them. It nourishes the soul to listen to nature at its most serene at the same time being surrounded by my concrete metropolis.” Thankfully yours Michael Fitzpatrick.

“Dude I save all these in a special bookmark folder that grows larger and larger, and these days I almost always put one of them on for sleep.

I can tell you this as well; your serene videos were a huge help for me at one point when I was coming off of Xanax, and that is no picnic if you’ve been joy popping those pills for a month like a right idiot.

I got influenza like symptoms and all I could manage for several days was to lie in bed, listening to these types of videos, many of yours, and foreign radio channels because everything in my own language ‘swedish’ started sending me down into severe anxiety spirals. I had your vid’s on, full screen, headphones on, wet towel on my forehead and just tried to stay together.

Safe to say; I’ve learned my lesson regarding benzos, and your vid’s was a huge help to carry me through that hell.

I am sure there are many similar tales from anxiety stricken people out there, or just people having a restless day, or something troubling them that are very grateful for what you take the time to upload here on YT, even though the majority of these stories might never reach you.
Now you have mine.

So know that you are greatly appreciated. ” DroidLife

“Omg this is perfect like I’ve been so stressed with work and family issues and I can’t sleep for the life of me, always needing to exhaust myself in order to knock out. It’s so frustrating, like I can’t even sit with a cup of coffee without wanting to pull my hair out. I tried Pandora and classical music, but it just encourages my brain to keep going, so imagine my relief of finding these videos like I want to cry, I’m in such a better place now lol I can finally sleep! I find myself unwinding and sleeping peacefully without realizing and its so wonderful lol so I wanted to say thank you low key love you and totally appreciate this stuff like it’s perfection. You’re the best!” kikiiovesmusic10

“I highly recommend these nature sound videos for help in pain management. Rather than resort to drugs or ‘a pill’, I find I can listen, lower my level of angst, hence lessen the pain. It does indeed create a softer edge. Especially while I am sitting, right at the moment, with my foot elevated. I can feel the difference. And the effect seems to linger, even once I get up and, slowly resume my activity at home!

Message from Cynthia a few days later:- As ever,’re on the mark with these inspiring, healing sound videos. I am sitting here now, without any of the major pain I was experiencing with this accursed knee. Immersing myself in water, and my EARS… in water sound, has been a regular and valuable part of healing – regaining full use of my right leg. Thank you, my buddy.

Message from Cynthia one week later:- When you follow your passion, it empowers and strengthens you, my kinsman. Those millions of views on your videos are no accident: other resonate with what you offer, and it creates healing and peace in the world. And given the state the world is in ‘ISIS/Ebola, etc’ couldn’t we all use a ‘peace break” our hectic, stressful, wounding days? Thanks again. Oh by the knee/leg pain is vastly improved. Making time for these videos as part of my overall therapy – well, I am the best judge of what worked. And, trust me…it worked…Blessings.” Cynthia Hawkins

“Once again, your perspectives have amazed me. I’ve shared your birdsong videos with my elementary school students and their parents and now I shall pass this one on, too. The children constantly ask for the sound of the birds as we carry on our normal classroom routines, and parents email questions to me regarding your videos. Everything we see coming from you is so calming and heaven-filled. How can we every thank you for sharing these beautiful, unspoiled wonders with the world —” Jack Radicelli

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