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Relaxing Sounds of Nature-8 Hours Relaxation-Meditation-Get to Sleep-Relax-Sound of Water

Sunday, October 9th, 2016 | puneadmin | Nature Music

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What is meditation?

Put simply, meditation is the ability to concentrate for a period of time on one thing. Meditation is quite simply the practice of silencing the mind. With a silent mind, our ability to concentrate is improved and we experience an inner peace amidst the worldly turmoil. This elusive inner peace is what attracts so many of us to meditation. Every one of us can practice meditation in some form or another and we can benefit from an inner peace achieved through meditation.

Many people misunderstand meditation to be a strange practice associated with cults and various religions. Meditation is neither a religion nor a cult, it is simply a technique we can each learn to help us achieve an inner peace.

Some of the benefits of meditation:

Improved concentration – A clear mind makes us more productive, especially in creative disciplines like writing, painting, composing and in activities like sports and your everyday work.

Less bothered by little things – Do you ever allow yourself to get upset by little things? I am sure the majority of us will answer yes to this question. It is the nature of the mind to magnify small things into serious problems. Meditation helps us detach. We learn to live in the here and now, rather than worrying about the past or future. We do not worry about meaningless things, but see the bigger picture.

Better Health – There have been numerous studies pointing to the health benefits of meditation. The reason being that meditation reduces stress levels and alleviates anxiety. If we can reduce stress, many health benefits follow.

Knowledge of Self – Meditation enables us to have a deeper understanding of our inner self. Through meditation we can gain a better understanding of our life’s purpose.

The great thing about meditation is that our philosophy/religious belief is not important. Meditation is about consciousness. The beliefs of the mind become trivial. We dive deep into the heart of the matter to gain access to our soul – our inner reality. Therefore, mediation can (and is ) practiced by people of different religions and of no religion at all.

But I don’t have time To Meditate! Many will say.

Many of us like the idea of meditation, but feel that we don’t have enough time. When we really want to do something we can find time, and remember that the practice of meditation helps us to focus and hence we become more efficient at our tasks.

As a suggestion to finding the time to meditate why not get up half an hour earlier or watch 30 minutes less TV. Meditation requires an investment of time, but clearing the mind makes the the rest of the day more productive. Nothing is better than the feeling of inner peace. What is the point in being tremendously busy but unable to enjoy it? Meditation is not about retreating from the world; it gives us inspiration, it aids in our ability to be at peace with the world. Whatever we do, if our mind is at peace, our work and daily tasks will be more enjoyable and productive.

A few ideas that will help your meditation session:-

Sit with a straight back. Don’t try to meditate lying down as you will quite possibly fall asleep. Meditation is quite different than the relaxation of sleep.
Meditation brings relaxation and peace, but it is a dynamic peace. When we really meditate, we are fully alert and conscious. Our sense of awareness is heightened. Afterwards we will have a positive feeling for the world and a renewed sense of dynamism.

8 Hours of soothing birdsong, relax with these peaceful sounds of nature from an Irish woodland:-

8 Hours of the calming sound of water flowing in a peaceful Mountain River:-

8 Hours beside a mountains river or by the lakeshore with the tranquil relaxing sound of water and birdsong:-

Video: Johnnie Lawson © 2014 all rights reserved
Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/johnnielawson
Video: http://youtu.be/wHJ2y-fiCAQ

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