Being the foodie that I am, the year had to begin with food.

Followed it with my favourite trek – Harishchandragad.

Then ran the Mumbai Marathon. It was tiring.

Went for a couple of treks around Lonavala

Climbed Kalsubai in the month of March. it was hot.

From the summit of Kalsubai to the base of Kokankada. We climbed harishchandragad thru Nali chi vaat and enjoyed a starlit night.

Explored the rocky trail of Sandhan Valley.

Enjoyed a glorious sunrise at Ratangad.

And did a tank cleaning on trail, before the monsoon hits.

Went on trek to Asherigad with a bunch of kids. They were so filled with energy it was hard to keep up with them.

Paid the toll at Naneghat to visit Jivdhan, you shouldn’t try Jivdhan in rain.

Explored hidden valleys of bhivpuri, played kabbadi after a long time.

Went on Andharban trek, as the name suggest it is through a dark forest with some amazing waterfalls and a scenic view of the dam.

Trekked to Bhimashankar through shidi ghat, it was tricky.

Then it was time for some cycling adventure. We went off-road. It was fun.

Visited Harishchandragad again. It’s a divine place.

Climbed Gorakhgad, it was amazing.

Explored kusur plateau on the trail to bhimashankar from lonavala. It was a very long trek.

Tung and tikona offers an amazing view post monsoon.

Trekked the classic route of Rajgad-Torna. It’s so rich in history.

Climbed Madan, traversed Madan to Kulang in torchlight, AMK always offers you the best.

Then ran couple of half marathons.

Was super excited about my first helicopter ride.

Next was Ajoba – It offers an amazing view of the Kalsubai range.

Then was off to Cambodia for a vacation. Angkor wat is massive and so awesome.

Thank you for being part of my journey.

I am excited about 2017.

Looking forward to take up bigger challenges and create more interesting content.

Happy New Year..! 🙂

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