Markets of Phnom Penh, Cambodia

This was a week before Christmas. We are at bengaluru international airport, flying to Phnom penh, cambodia via Bangkok. .
It was 4 hr flight to Bangkok with 3 hr layover there and then an hour long flight to Phnom Penh.

Cambodia & Vietnam were on my mind for a long time.When we started planning for the trip we had just about 10 days, which was kind of ok if you were planning to touch and go all major locations.
But we ended up with only 7 days for the trip, so we planned to go only to Cambodia.

We planned to visit three major location- Phnom penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville. Phnom penh is capital of Cambodia, to its north is Siem Reap and to the south west is Sihanoukville.

In this video I will talk about Phnom Penh.Phnom penh was sort of pit stop for us, we stayed here for a day before leaving for Siem Reap.

Phnom penh is sort of pit stop/transit point for people trying to reach Siem reap or the southern part of the country. It was a transit stop of one day for us before leaving for Siem reap.

Day 1:
Our hotel was located behind the National Museum. This area had a lot of guest houses, backpacker hostels and restaurants.

Our hotel check in was at 2 PM. But we reached early, so, we dropped our bags at the hotel and went to check out the museum. The entry fee was 5 dollar. Additional 5 dollars if you need a audio guide. We spent around 3 hours there.

The museum houses many artefacts that symbolizes Hinduism, Buddhism and also depicts the transition that happened between these two religions in this country.

After this we went back to our hotel to check in . Our room came with a private swimming pool, we freshened up and headed to the Royal Palace. Which unfortunately was closed for the day. We got to know that it closes at 5 pm every day.

We spoke to a tuk tuk driver who suggested a place – Wat Phnom, it was a Buddhist temple on a small hillock with a giant lawn clock at its base.
The easiest way to get around the city is a tuk tuk. But make sure you negotiate and fix a price before you get in. —- And always keep your purses closer to you.

From the Buddhist temple we went to the nearby market to try some local food.. — we saw a wide variety of fresh fruits and a lot of street food – chicken, pork, fish, fermented fish, snails, crabs,….

We walked along the Tonle Sap river on our way back to the hotel, checked out a couple of more food stalls on the way..

Day 2:

We had planned to visit the killing fields and the Genocide museum on day 2, but they were far off from the city and we had a bus to catch at 1 pm, so instead we chose to explore a couple of more markets in the city. We went to the central market first, it seemed to be the centre for all the bling shopping in the city. And then to the Russian market. Russian Market seemed to be a tourist centric market, it has everything that a tourist might want to take back home from there.

We wondered around the market for a while and then returned to our hotel in time to check out. We grabbed a quick lunch at a restaurant near our hotel and then rushed to the bus stop.

The journey to Seim Reap was going to be a long one, about 6 hours. The tragedy with us was that our mode of transportation was a mini bus, and our seats were in the last row.

Next stop Seim reap.

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