प्लास्टिक मुक्त रायगड अभियान I Plastic Mukt Raigad Campaign

All this started with a simple 8 days 8 forts trek in November 2015. Satyajeet, Arvind, Abhishek & Ganjanan, four enthusiastic and die heart lover of Golden Era of Maratha kingdom traveled more than 1500 KM in 8 days and visited 8 forts. Each of this fort has great historic relation with “Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj”.

While doing this activity we found that, this historic places were completely neglected by authorities and thus about to become dumping ground by tourist and trekkers. We ended our Journey at Raigad with our first clean up camp and collected 40 Kg of Plastic waste.

After reaching home our senses does not allowed us to sit idle and we decided to use social media to create awareness among people. Many people reacted and some of them joined hand together mainly Aniruddha, Vivek, Ajinkya, Nilesh, shrirang and Dynaneshwar which are now active and members of managing committee .

Till now we have held 11 camps 8 on Raigad and 3 on Rajgad and collected more than 2000 Kg of plastic waste which is been treated by Organic Recycling Systems Pvt. Ltd.

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