Aamir Khan | Kiran Rao | UNCUT EVENT | Paani Foundation | Special Episode | Birthday Celebrations

Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao and the team of Pani Foundation shoots a Special Episode of TV Show ‘Chala Hava Yevu Dya’ and also celebrate Aamir Khan’s birthday. Where Aamir cuts the cake and enjoy with the entire cast of ‘Chala Hawa Yeu Dya’
Later Aamir and Kiran Khan dance with each other on the song ‘Gazab ka hai Din’ and later Both of them sing the song Aati Kya Khandala.

6:56 – Aamir khan perform his famous matchstick trick from his movie Ghulam & Bahu Kadam tries to imitate him.

9:15- Aamir khan and Kiran Rao interacts with media on the sets of ‘Chala Hawa Yeu Dya’ and tell the media how he enjoy watching the show and then talks about the Pani foundation.
Kiran Rao also talks about how she enjoyed coming on the sets of the show and how she love the different skits that they perform on the show.
Aamir Khan on the other hand tells the media how this is the first reality show that he has been a part of and how he feels this is really good platform from where he can reach out to the people all over india & how Panni Foundation aims to create a Drought free Maharashtra.

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