Cable car Raigad

Raigad is a small hill in the sahyadri western ghats. It was the capital of Chatrapati Shivaji during the maratha regime. He was icoronated in Raigad as Chatrapati and died in the same fort. To date we can see the samadhi of Shivaji and his beloved dog. This is a very steep hill and makes trekking or climbing impossible for all. There is a cable car from the foot hill to the top completing in 20 minutes. The cable car ride is very adventurous and nerve wrecking experience. On the top of the hill we can see the remains of the fort namely the darwaja, market area, palaces for the soldiers and the royal family and many more. It was one of the most impregnable forts in those days.Raigad can be accessed from Mahabaleshwar or from Satara town. It will be a unique cable car experience for anyone who loves forts, mountains, history and adventure.

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