Illegal Mining activities at Shrivardhan, Raigad, Maharashtra 10

The condition at these mining sites is way beyond any government approval and huge chunks of mountains have vanished. Tourists places are destroyed, animal habitats gone. The Wastelands thus created are so vast in this area that they almost seem to have no end. Inshort wastelands as far as the eye can see are visible.
Mining activity still active despite the then Water Resources & Guardian Minister – Raigad; Hon. Shri Sunil Tatkare’s Directions to “Examine and Action”
Letter No. क्र मंत्री, जलसंपदा (कृ. खो. पा. मं. वगळून )/जनरल /१३४६/२०१३/ remark date 11/09/2013

Adverse effects on Animals, farmers, tourism.

Excavation and transportation is carried out under Old stock excuse. All mining activates carried out by this company are in direct violation to Ministry of mines, ministry of forest and environment and Revenue Ministry.

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