Katha Saptashrungi Matechi – Scene 1/6

Scene from marathi Devotional movie Mahatmya Sadeteen Shaktipeethanche
Star Cast: Nisha Kadam, Atul Mahajan, Sachin Kulkarni, Umesh Thakur, Nisha Parulkar, Sameer Deshpande, Priya Sawant, Anil Palkar
Director: Jay Tari, Producer: Jayesh Bhai Vira
Music Director: Nilesh Moharir & Sanjay Gauri Nandan

The four Shaktipeethas of Maharashtra are well described in Devi Bhagavata Purana. Himavanta (Lord of Himalayan mountains), worshiped Jaganmata for a long time to get her as his daughter. Pleased by his devotion, she appeared before him and gave the boon. Himavanta was very happy. But, he was clever. He asked her another boon to give Bhakti and Jnana so that he can take care of her properly. Jaganmata told him that one who wishes Bhakti-Jnanas from her is a real devotee and she will be more interested to bless them than any other. She told Devi Geeta to Himavanta.

In the Devi Geeta she mentioned few important places on the earth which she likes a lot. Out of them the top most priority goes to the four Shakti peethas present in Maharashtra. They are:
Hingula (Tulja devi) in Tulaja puram (Tuljapur)
Lakshmi (Amba bai / Maha laksmi) in Kolhapuram (Kolhapur)
Renuka in Matru pattanam (Mahur)
Jwalamukhi (Sapta shrungi mata) in Saptashrungam (Saptashrungi)

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