Harihar gad Fort trek

Harihar gad Fort trek | Nashik |हर्षगड / हरीहर killa|Nashik|HD video documentary, no images|inside view|Nirgudpada route|near Harshewadi |trimbak|trimbakeshwar,full of adventure visual blog tripadvisor.

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About trek
The trek to Harihar Fort is tiring due to stiff climbing. The last 250 feet of the climbing is a breathtaking experience, through steep rock cut stairs inclined at 80 degrees. In the monsoon as the stairs become slippery, trekking should be avoided in this season as its too risky. The fort is famous for its marvelous beautiful stairs crafted in a rock having grips for holding by hands while climbing.
There are two ways to reach Harihar:
1) From Nirgudpada village,from there Harihar fort gate is around 1:30 hrs walk.
2) From Harshewadi,near Trimbakeshwar ,fort entrance is around 1:30 hrs walk.
From top ,Vaitarna dam and the Trimbakeshwar mountain ranges can be seen.
There is a small temple of Lord Hanuman and Lord Shiva on the plateau. Drinking water is available at top of fort (contaminated by bacterias, not recommended) ,also mineral water bottles are sold on small stalls on route.

Harihar, also known as Harish Fort, is 7 km west of Trimbak and 1,120.44 metres (3,676 feet) above sea-level. It was one of the forts in the possession of the Ahemadnagar Sultans. Captain Briggs from the British army visited the fort in 1818, and left a fairly detailed description. He described the ascent as truly wonderful. Captain Briggs also added that it was so difficult to climb that only five men could hold it against any odds. He further states that words would not be able to give an idea of its dreadful steepness. It is perfectly straight for about 60.96 metres (200 feet) and can only be compared to a ladder up a wall 60.96 metres (200 feet) high. In 1636 Harihar, Trimbakgad, Tringalvadi and a few other Poona forts were given by the Marathas to the Mughals. Harihar was one of the seventeen strong places that were surrendered to the British on the fall of Trimbak in 1818. This was one of the rare fort that was not destroyed by the British because of its beauty.

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