An Overnight Trek To Harishchandragad

This amazing trek was organized by Yatri Sahyadri. The journey to the base camp began on Friday evening and return time was Sunday evening. This is how it went :

1. Friday evening, all trekkers assemble at Kalyan bus depot.
2. Private vehicles booked to transport a 30 strong group to Belpada village where we spent the night. Its a 2 hour drive from Kalyan station.
3. 7 am, the following morning we begin our trek towards Konkankada, the topmost point of the plateau.
4. We reach by 6 pm in the evening following which we head towards Harishchandreshwar temple where some slept and others at the nearby caves.
5. Dinner was arranged for by the local villagers living in a hut nearby.
6. In the morning we eat breakfast at the same place and begin the descend at 10 am to Khireshwar village, 5 hours from the temple.
7. We have lunch at a hut in Khireshwar and then proceed towards Kalyab station in the vehicle.

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