Chanderi (IV, 2016)

I and the three friends we met on the mountain went up up to the point beyond the big cave at the base of the buttress. Beyond that point they went ahead up till the top of the fort but I returned back to the cave and waited for them. Reason being the young village boy they hired took them through a bit exposed and slightly risky way up claiming there i not other way up, but I personally know another way up through a scree gully, steady and at a safe angle, I did not wish leave my companions and go alone.

There was few spots that would make photography great but i was tense focusing on safety issues and ignored pulling up up my camera for shooting. It was exposed path, unstable dry loos scree in nature.

I was physically weary drained water stock. water stock was not up to the mark. Any way we made it and safe back. We enjoyed a big mug each of Pineapple milk shake near Vangani railway station.

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