Famous/fort/Lohagad|Pune, Maharashtra

Famous fort Lohagad, Pune, Maharashtra.
Elevation:- 3390fts.
Location:- Malavli,dist:- Pune,State:-Maharashtra, India.
Geographical Condition:- situated in range of hills.
Surrounded with mountain range and connected to Visapur fort with small mountain range. On the way famous Buddhist meditation Bhaja cave’s.
Nearby forts:- Visapur fort, Tikona fort and Tung fort.
History:- Fort was under Maratha empire for the majority of time with period of 5 years under mughal empire.
Several dynasties ruled in different period of time.such as Satavahanas,Chalukayas,Rastrakutas,Yadavas,
Bahamanis,Nizams,Mughals and Maratha’s.
East India company captured it in 1818.
Shivaji maharaja captured it in 1648 but it was forced to surrender it to mughals in 1665 by Raja Mirza raje.
Shivaji maharaja recaptured it in 1670 and used it for keeping treasury.
Peshwa Nana phadnavis used this fort for living and built some water tanks.
Now fort is declared as historical monument and protected by Govt.
Good time to visit August to January.
Prefer Trekking with friends and Family or in group.
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