Kalavantin Durg – Climb to Heaven

Kalavantin Durg – Climb to Heaven

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Kalvantin Durg:-

Kalavantin Durg is also called the Climb to Heaven. No rail on the edge and no ropes on the wall, God forbid if you have vertigo. Worst of all, the hardest part is coming down.

At the top of Kalavantin Durg you can see the Peb, Chanderi, Matheran, Karnala, and Ershal forts.

The city of Mumbai itself can also be seen. It is believed that the Fort was built around or before 500 BCE.

According to legend it was built for a queen named Kalavantin but that really seems to be all that anybody knows.

The steps leading up to the fort were cut into the rock of the hill, a very impressive feat.

If this geological formation was present in many other countries it would be fenced off and no one would be allowed to climb it.

Technically this fascinating place is abandoned in the sense that it is not used for its original purpose, but it gets visits from tourist and locals often and is easily accessible from the Mumbai-Pune Expressway.

October to May is the most recommended time to go there. You need to stay away from trekking in monsoons as the steps get very slippery.

A number of instructions must be followed during the trek to ensure maximum safety.

The surrounding terrain is extremely rugged with sharp peaks. This fort was established centuries ago.

Climb stairs narrow peaks, steep slopes as challenges for visitors.

Kalavantin Durg is considered the most dangerous in the world.

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