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Kalavantin Durg trek

Region : Panvel , Maharashtra

Difficulty level : Medium

Height from base : Approx 2000 feet (as per my Garmin statistics)

Distance from base: 5.67 (approx)

Base VIllage: Thakur wadi ( regular bus services available from Panvel ST depo)

Kalavantin Durg is a pinnacle situated next to Prabalgad fort , which is located between matheran & panvel. Rock cut stairs are one of the major attractions of this fort. some also refer to it as stairs to heaven.
one can visit this place any time during the year , however should be avoided during heavy rains as the stairs may get slippery n heavy wind may cause trouble descending.

In recent years Kalavantin durg as because very famous among new trekking due to various adjective that are being used to describe it such as ‘ stairs to heaven , Top of the world ‘ n world’s most dangerous fortress. that has also resulted in trek groups taking a large contingent to the top the pinnacles. last year there were weekends when about 250 people were attempting to make it to the top which can be risky considering narrow steps which have almost 90 degree angle at places. people who have vertigo should also avoid this place.

food n stay arrangement is available at the half way distance to the Pinnacle at Prabalmachi . No water Source is available at the top.

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