Kolad River Rafting in Kundalika River in 2016

River Rafting in Kundalika River Near Kolad (150km from Mumbai).
It was a short 1 Day trip with office friends.
Rafting is conducted on the river using the rapids generated by the rushing water released from the dam. Rafting of grade II and III can also be experienced over a 14 km circuit.
The Complete activity is of 2 hours. of which only 30 minutes with just 10-30 seconds rapid is work rafting. After 45 minutes rapids end & water current get so slow that they also let people swim or actually just float in river for half an hour before the end section. Last half hour is most tiring as one has to raft through almost stand still water to get to the end point.
Interestingly it doesn’t end there.
After reaching end point we have to carry raft 50 meters in and upwards from shore before we can leave.
All in all rafting in slow paced Kundalika river is not that adventures as one would expect.
But doing this activity for first time with friends is what makes it enjoyable.!

Video was shot using my Sony Xperia Z5 mobile phone. Also captured pics are mostly from video.
Movie created using Google Photos.

Video-docs by ‘Amateur professional’ Adventurer, Photographer just like ‘you’.
“people pursuing amateur activities to professional standards!”

Am Pros or Pro Ams- socioeconomic term blurring the distinction between professional and amateur.

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