Kolad River Rafting | Kundalika near Mumbai | Camping | Vlog | Birthday Celebrations

It was 14 October 2016 and it was the day our Mate Parag Mhatre (naam_ka_engineer) was born and the best gift from him would be a nice camping place and Rafting.
Our Journey started on 13th October 2016 afternoon.
Found a place just besides the River.
Star gazing night with cake and gifts for celebration
and the most delicious Paneer biryani we ever had which was made my the one an only chef Yatish Bhatt (Huungry_engineer)
Next day we wrapped up our tents and started the river Rafting

Our emotions and body reacted just like the River till the end.
At first the River was bumpy and it had its fun so did we.
There came a phase where River invited us to take a jump in it and thats where our inner talent kicked in backflips – superman – Belly flops – Dive
During the long journey we all behaved as the River said
At Last a calm flow which kept our minds and body in an relaxed mode.
Surely one of the best experience of our life.

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Ghanta engineer on the Ride
Parag Mhatre (naam_ka_engineer)
Jigar Panchal (adventurous_engineer)
Yatish Bhatt (huungry_engineer)
Jainish Gandhi (avid_engineer)

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