the trek proceeds as follows

1. reach Karjat station till 7am
2. walk to Shreeram bridge for about 15mins
3. board a 6seater auto from brifge to Kondivde Village it costs 20rs per seat
4. from kondivde village walk to the kondhane village and further to the starting point of way to kondhane caves it takes about 45-50 min to reach this point
5. walk to kondhane caves and have rest there sepnd an hour or so and then take further route to Rajmachi fort
Note:- beginners should not attempt Rajmachi as it is a steep slope and too many possibilities of getting lost
6. it takes 3hrs if for a slow climb to the bottom of Rajmachi
7. another 40-50min walk and you reach the village at the bottom of fort where you can rest and have food as there are many house-hotels and even you can stay here for a night or two
8. after having rest go and visit the Shrivardhan and Manoranjan Forts
9. hire a jeep to lonavla from village it costs about 1200rs however many people you may be. so i recommend you to take a larger group so that distrinution of mony is more (we were lucky enough to find a tempo)
Note:- (if you dont wish to go lonavla your best resort is to stay in village and climb down the same way to kondhane caves you came up from or walk for about 2-2.5hrs to kune village from where you get autos to Lonavla at 30rs seat)

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