Lohagad The Iron Fort Trailer

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In this year, I have done with the Trek of Tikona & Lohgad, and Visapur which is third one…

Lohgad Fort is situated in Maval Region of Pune District near Lonavla, one can reach by private vehicle or by Express uptill Lonavla and then Local train till Malvali… from there Trek starts it took 1-2 hours (depending upon walking speed & endurance) to reach base of the Fort.

Food Facility is available at base of the Fort

To reach top of the fort it took another 40-50 minuets , and aside to roam around on Top it will take another 1&half to 2 hours. Few of the part of the fort is ruined in the British Government by resisting villager to reach there and also due to weather condition.

MahadevTemple, RajRani Temple, Vinchu kada-Kata, The then built Hall, Water tanks, Dargah, Cave are the attraction points on the Fort…

The fort history is available on different sights but the fort has x-factor which attracts many students and trekkers to have scenic beauty & peace of mind & soul.

Please watch the Video stating my experience at Lohagad



Kevin Mcleod:

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