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Marathi Vlogs – Mumbai Forts (मुंबईतील अनभिज्ञ किल्ले)

Thursday, July 6th, 2017 | mumbai hiker | Chanderi

We had a visit to the most unknown forts of Mumbai. There are total 11 forts in Mumbai, out of which we have visited only 4 in a day. Forts are integral parts of History and social life of Maharashtra. Mumbai, the city of dreams also carries the diamonds of Forts. But all these are not the forts known to Maharashtra (Gad-गड-fort on hills) but they are fortress (Gadhi गढी). None of the forts were built by Marathas, the eminent indigenous warrior and kingdom power in 17th/18th century in Maharashtra. Marathas however captured the Mumbai Island and some forts till Brithishers took hold of it in 1774.They are built by either british or Portuguese, except Mahim, which was capital of Raja Bhimdev,first King of Mumbai.

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