Mount Kalsubai Summit – 8:50 AM – 06 August 2011

I started from Bari village located at the base of Mount Kalsubai on 06 August, 2011 at 6:35 am and reached the summit of the mountain at 8:50 am, taking 2:15 hours to climb 1,646 metres (5,400 feet)! The Kalsubai Temple located at the summit can be seen in the video. You can hear the wind making the bells toll on their own from 0:59 onwards. Towards the end, my guide Dadabhau can be heard explaining that if I lowered the heavy chain (kept outside the temple) down over the rocks through a gap in the rocks, made a wish and managed to pull the entire chain back, then my wish would be fulfilled! With the blessings of Kalsubai Goddess, I did manage to pull it up entirely and it must have taken me atleast 2 minutes to do so!

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