MY Royal Enfield STORY | Tarkarli to Mumbai #Must watch

Tarkarli to Mumbai,
Hope you guys enjoyed the whole Tarkarli series I made with Shivangi exploring and riding across the coastal route. If you have not watched it yet, I would suggest you first finish those parts.

Here is my return journey.
The thing about return journey is, You are so tired and drained by the trip that you mostly are not in mood to record much, You believe that the route is going to be same and I have shot it once… to beat this thought I took different route while returning back.
Kolhapur – Pune route.
But again while connecting to this route I took on random road and not the usual Nipani route. This turn is from Telere village and trust me it was worth it!

Also one very special thing about this vlog, I got a mail from one of the artists (Singer, Music composers) sharing his creations and associating with my vlogs.

you can listen to more from them at

Music credits –

Eric Reprid


Clueless Kit

Thanks guys for amazing track!


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