rajmachi trek…shreewardhan and yashodhan forts at rajmachi village…lonavla

Rajmachi is a wonderful village located in between two forts shreewardhan and yashodhan.This little village has a solar electric power plant which is the only source of electricity for this place.population there is also very less.the locals basically have adopted tourism as their profession apart from farming.

Its a 5hr walk from lonavla railway station but completely worth it during monsoon as u see it in the video.
If your planning for a trip to rajmachi do take flash lights,mosquito repellents and glucose with you.
The scenic beauty of this place will make u spellbound.
Do wear a good pair of trekking shoes as to reach the two forts the way is kindaa steep and dangerous.

song used in background : Lets Get It Started by Black Eyed Peas 2003 album Elephunk ,produced by UMG

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