Royal Enfield Long Distance ride | Mumbai to Tarkarli

Riding a ROYAL ENFIELD on long distance,

The biggest fear I had since the Delhi Mumbai ride, But yes to get over your fears you have to jump into it!
So I planned this ride from Mumbai to Tarkarli around 495 something km last weekend.
As it was also Shivangi’s birthday she happily hopped up as the pillion on this ride. [I don’t like pillions on ride :p]
My other biker friends took another route that is Pune – Goa route, and I took the old Mumbai – Goa route.

weapon of choice – Classic 350 ( Stolen from my brother) did great job on this ride, Tho the key to ride RE successfully on long distance is control your super powers of speeding up and ride on constant 80-90km/hr and it wont give you any problem (which is another big problem I got)

Next up is exploring Tarkarli

and some crazy new spots.

All you PISTONHEARTS out there Don’t be an oil can!


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