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Chilling at Beach or Water Sports | TARKARLI | Travel vlog India

I am not a guy who like to do those water sports at the beach, I have met people in my life who have shown me the real side of nature and how to explore it.
To mention few, Kaustubh Khade (Kayaker) he took me Kayaking in kerala and it was amazing experience to explore nature.
Tapashi (Stand up paddle) she once told me, the real water sports is surfing and kayaking and Stand up paddle and rowing etc…. all these water sports activities which use motor boats and jet skies are disturbing the marine life and polluting nature.
Meeting these people has changed my point of view to an extent and I have tried avoiding these water sports as much as possible.

Here in this video we explore Devbagh beach riding from Tarkarli and then next day that is day 3 we go to the opposite side of Devbag beach to a beautiful untouched by commercialization amazing beach called Bhogave beach.

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