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Trek to Chanderi Fort Top with Vrangers – 16/04/2017

Thursday, July 6th, 2017 | mumbai hiker | Chanderi

Chanderi fort trek is one of the difficult category treks in Sahyadris. It has all ingredients of a perfect trek i.e endurance, technique, skills. There are two routes to the fort one via Badlapur and other via Panvel. We started from base village Chinchavali, which is approx 7-8 kms from Vangani station. First half hour is climbing a small hill, then comes a plateau of approx 4-5 kms, where you walk straight continuously for 1 hour. Next comes the waterfall route, which was dry when we climbed, which takes 1 hour to cover. Taking small breaks occassionally, we reached caves and rested for 2 hours. Early morning, we started our climb to reach Top of the Fort, which is real challenge. A combination of screes, exposures and rock patches, make it real tough for the trekkers. Shall have a rope handy just for mental support. Watch for the loose rocks falling on the trekkers following you. In two hours we were on top, clicked photos and came back to caves. Journey back to base village was tiring as scorching sun sapped our energy

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