Amaravati Express Passing Dudhsagar Falls in Heavy Rain!

23 June 2013, 0921hrs.
Train: 18048 Vasco da Gama-Howrah Amaravati Express.
Locomotives: Gooty WDM3As leading, Gooty WDG3As banking.
Location: Braganza Ghats, between Castle Rock and Kulem Stations.
Camera: Canon PowerShot SX20 IS.
Amidst lush greenery, ever-increasing rain and clouds, the Amaravati Express, led by its customary Gooty WDM3A twins, rumbles past us at a good pace. A few seconds after the bankers have passed by, the train reappears on the opposite mountain, and crosses the breathtakingly beautiful Dudhsagar Waterfalls. The scene is not clearly visible because of the clouds and rain, but I guess it is enough to give an idea about the dramatic weather and scenery here.

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