Goa to Hyderabad via Dudhsagar Falls: Full Journey Compilation

Presenting a full journey from Goa to Hyderabad, through the magnificent Dudhsagar waterfalls. Enjoy the journey aboard the Amaravati Express, departing from Goa early in the morning, powered by a pair of beautiful Gooty WDG3As. We have a quick sighting of a sea beach and quickly reach Kulem, where the train climbs 2,000 feet through the Western Ghats.

We are assisted in our climb by 2 bankers from Gooty which power the train up the steep gradients and the lush green forests of the Ghats. Enroute, we pass through the magnificent Dudhsagar falls, tumbling forth from the heavens. We also encounter a wonderful mist, and some sharp showers.

After the ghats, the Amaravati maintains a rapid pace as it moves eastwards towards the twin cities of Hubli and Dharwad and we meet our counterpart – the Amaravati from Howrah on the way. After Hubli, the landscape changes to a typical Deccani terrain with black soil, which changes back in an hour or so as we near Hospet and meet with laterite soil, and small hill ranges of the southern Deccan. We cross the Tungabhadra after Hospet which is the railhead for Hampi – the site at which the city of Vijayanagar was located.

After Hospet, we stop at the lovely station of Torangallu, adjacent to the Daroji bear reserve and we cruise past the lake at the reserve, our twin Alcos smoking furiously. We enter the mining city of Bellary after this, and finally, reach Guntakal at evening, where four coaches of the Amaravati are detached, and reattached after 4 hours to the Yesvantpur Kacheguda Express, reaching Kacheguda early in the morning.

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