Ride and Trek to Devkund Waterfall | Exploring Maharashtra's Backyards

A couple of weeks ago we rode to the Tamhini Ghat to visit the most beautiful Devkund waterfall. Watch this adventure as we ride, trek and swim at some of the most beautiful places in India.

Devkund waterfall is located about 100 kilometers from Pune near a small village called “Bhira” just at the base of Tamhini Ghat.
Route Map: https://goo.gl/4r0WtT

After reaching Bhira, you can either hire a local guide(500 per group) to show the way to the waterfall or find a way yourself through the jungle just like we did! After reaching Bhira, it is a 12 Km trek to and from the waterfall. A couple of adventure groups provide rappelling experience as well.

Food is available at “Shelar Mama’s Hotel” at the Bhira village who also provides bed n breakfast for 500 rupees per person. Road quality is good at most places.

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Special appearance: Dipak Patil (Kapid)

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