SarasGad Fort Torchlight Trek And Shree Ballaleshwar Ganpati Temple Visit .Pali Maharashtra

Difficulty Level – Medium To Tough
Height of Fort – 1608 ft
Base Village – Pali
District – Pali Village, Raigad

The formidable watchtower of Sarasgad is located in Pali, near the Shri Ballaleshwar Ganesh Temple- one of the
“Ashtavinayaks” in Raigad district. Ramparts of the fort can be clearly seen from just behind this famous temple. The height
of the fort is approximately 1600 ft from the sea level. This fort gets an importance as it is next to Sudhagad which was
supposed to become Capital instead of Raigad.
Sarasgad fort was mainly used to keep a check on the surrounding regions. Shivaji Maharaj brought this fort under
Swarajya and spent 2000 Hon (the prevailing currency) for its reconstruction. Till independence this fort was under Bhor
Sansthan. This is one the fort where British didn’t make any move to destroy it.On a clear day we can see the mountains of
‘Tin Kavdi’ and Amba River and locate Sudhagad, Tailbaila, Ghangad and Korigad from top of the fort.

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