Woh – Episode 39

At night, Ranjeet tells Anand that they must somehow get out of the jail. Meanwhile, two constables who are on night duty get killed mysteriously. Ranjeet and Anand get elated to see the Joker. Samidha offers her sympathies to Rahul on his divorce. Samidha tries to get friendly with Rohit. When Samidha asks Rohit to give his Joker doll to her, Rohit refuses saying that Joker will get angry. When Samidha criticizes the Joker, Rohit gets paranoid. Samidha tells Rahul that there are bright chances of Rohit’s recovery. Ashutosh teaches the children a lesson on unity in school. Strangely the children begin to hum the same tune which the Joker usually hums. Ashutosh tries to stop them but the children do not listen to him. The children make a circle around Ashutosh and run nonstop. Ashutosh is unable to bear the noise. Ashutosh suddenly wakes up and realizes that it was a nightmare. However, he can still hear the children humming the tune continuously. Ashutosh tells his friends about his nightmare and feels worried for the students. Rahul tells him that there are 10 more days left for the new moon night but all the friends decide to start their mission against Joker without any more delay. Rohit speaks to an unseen power. Ashutosh tells his friends that they must go into the Sagargad Caves in three groups. According to Samidha, the groups would be Shiva and Ronnie, Rahul and Julie, and Ashtosh, Samidha and Raja. Ashutosh tells them that all the three groups will enter the caves from three different entrances and meet after exactly fifteen minutes at the same circle where they had fought with the Joker last time, and kill the Joker. Meanwhile, the Joker kills Rohit. Rahul rushes inside on hearing Rohit’s screams. He breaks down on seeing Rohit’s dead body. He also finds the word `WOH’ written in blood near Rohit’s body.

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