Woh – Episode 51

Radhika goes to Siddhart’s room and panics on not finding him in the room. She angrily asks the Lucky Seven where they have taken Siddhart. She breaks downs before them and begs to them to get her son back. Rohit tells the rest that the time has come to go to the cave again. The Lucky Seven reach Sagargad caves and are surprised to find Siddhart sleeping on the old woman’s lap. When they ask her about it, the old lady replies that Siddhart is her son Vikram. She says that he was the only heir to the Thakur family. The old lady narrates her tale. She tells the Lucky Seven that she was having a very happy family until the day, Vikram’s father developed suspicion towards her. `Thakur is upset that his son Vikram is short, and wonders if he is a dwarf’. Thakur blames his wife and her family’s genes. Vikram cries in his mother’s arms and blames himself for Thakur’s anger. One day, the Thakur throws his wife and son out of the house. Vikram and his mother go through lot of hardships to make ends meet. Vikram’s mother tries to give hopes to Vikram.’ Just then, Siddhart transforms into Vikram and tells his mother that he was not sleeping but listening to the tale. He says that he had decided to become a big man whose mother will be respected by everyone. He remembers how people used to make fun of him. `A few people of the village mock at Vikram (The Joker) due to his short stature.’ Vikram tells that he worked very hard to become a big man. He says that people had no sympathy towards him and no one could see his good qualities.

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