Durgpremi Adventure | Rajmachi Trekk, Lonavala, Maharashtra, India

There are two ways to reach the Rajmachi fort. One is from Lonavla, roughly 20 km walk and the other is from “Kondivale” village,Karjat, gradually climb of around 4 km. For beginners, it would be better to trek from Lonavla as this is a much easier path. After completing the trek they can descend to “Kondivale” village Karjat.
Route: Lonavla … Rajmachi… Karjat.
For 1 day trek reach Lonavla early in morning.From “Tungarli” village a rough road is there to village “Udhewadi” via Tungarli lake. “Udhewadi” is base village of Rajmachi fort.If you have a vehicle with you ,the road to “Udhewadi” village is a “Dirt-track”. Prefer SUV,its very difficult for a car or bike to reach “Udhewadi” due to bumpy,uneven,slippery,high gradient road.So it is advisable not to take vehicle to “Udhewadi”.
On the way there is famous “Horse shoe waterfall”.

There are two subforts of Rajmachi fort

For both peaks you need 1 night stay at “Udhewadi”. Food and accommodation is available at Udhewadi village at a marginal cost.For 1 day trek you may skip one of the peak.
Trekkers can come back from same route to reach “Lonavla”.
From “Udhewadi” village there is another route to “Karjat”. On this route first comes the “Kondana Caves” consist of 16 Buddhist caves.
After that reach to “Kondivale” village.From “Kondivale” village you will get shared 6-seater auto-rickshaw to reach “Karjat” railway station.

Difficulty Level: Medium


The Rajmachi fort was constructed by the “Satavahanas”. In 1657, Shivaji Maharaj captured this fort along with other neighbouring forts from the Adilshahi ruler of Bijapur. In 1704, the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb captured the fort from the Marathas. However, the Marathas regained its control in 1705. In 1713, Shahu Maharaj handed over Rajmachi fort to Kanhoji Angre. Eventually in 1818 with the downfall of the Marathas, the British acquired the control of Rajmachi from Peshwas.

There are two subforts on Rajmachi –the taller one in the east is “Shrivardhan” fort and the other in the west is “Manaranjan” fort.” Kal Bhairava” temple is situated in the between “Shrivardhan” and “Manaranjan”.
The Buddhist caves on the western slope of Rajmachi plateau known as “Kondhane caves” were carved in the period around 200 BC. The existence of these ancient caves indicates that Rajmachi had been identified as an important place right from the Buddhist period.” Rajmachi” Fort has been declared as a protected monument.

Remains of big residential houses are found in the forest on the south side of the “Udhewadi”. A big water reservoir constructed about 200 years ago is situated further down from the forest mentioned above. A carved stone plate in the wall of the water reservoir indicates that it was built by Ramrav Narayanrav Deshmukh, Mamlatdar of “Danda-Rajpuri” near Murud Janjira in Raigad District. An ancient Shiva temple, built in Hemdpanti style, is situated on the western side of the water reservoir.




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