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Forest Trek to VASOTA_25th May 2013

Monday, July 10th, 2017 | mumbaihikers | Vasota

I am updating 6 videos collections I have taken my camera.

VASOTA FORT, We have managed to organize a day trek in the coming week to “VASOTA FORT” (3,842 ft) Situated in dense forests surrounded by river Koyna is the fort of Vasota, which according to the ‘Dnyaneshwari’ means a resting place

VASOTA FORT was built by King Bhojraj II of Silhara dynasty. In 1656, Shivaji took control of the fort. There are two forts, the Juna Vasota (old Vasota) fort and the Navin Vasota (new Vasota). Juna vasota, on top of Babukhada, the second largest cliff in Maharashtra is not accessible. New Vasota fort was used to keep British prisoners, till they captured the fort.”
Vasota stands tall amidst the evergreen forests of Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary and mesmerizes you with its beauty. Vasota trek offers a thrilling experience as you would be walking through a dense jungle and you would get some amazing views of the surroundings. As it’s a jungle trek, ensure that you remain in your group all the time. The jungle is filled with wild animals like wild dogs, sloth bears, leopards and even tigers. This is every trekkers dream trek as the beauty of the fort and the surroundings will take your breath away. Dense forest is really a thrilling but enjoyable experience.

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