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Thirsty Rovers – 07 | Vasota … the jungle trek | 14-15 April 2017

Monday, July 10th, 2017 | mumbaihikers | Vasota

This time it was Fort Vasota…yes it was jungle trek to Vasota..!
On an extended weekend of 14th-15th April, Team Thirsty Rovers with group super exited rovers completed Vasota Jungle trek.
Team reached base village Bamanoli on 14th evening and started with tent pitching followed by campfire after dinner.
Next day morning everyone was so excited to enjoy the beautiful sunrise and pleasant weather, everyone was super busy to capture that pleasant moments in camera’s.
One of the participant compared the surrounding as “Ladakh on Maharashtra”, tough Bamanoli is well known as “Mini Mahabaleshwar”.
Around 08:30 AM, we started our journey towards Fort Vasota by Boat, the journey by boat was of 75 mins and then the actual jungle trek started after completing the Forest dept.’s official formalities. Team reached at the top of the fort by taking 90 mins, which was quite impressive. After reaching to top of the fort, we visited Babu kada, ruins of wada rajwada, temples of Lord Hanuman and Load Shiva.
It was really great group of exited rovers who completed Vasota Jungle trek successfully.
Team Thirsty Rovers

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