Hadsar fort trek Junnar Maharashtra India

Hadsar fort Killa trek Junnar Maharashtra India near Nimgiri fort Jivdhan fort Chavand fort Shivneri Fort हडसर

About trek:
The Hadsar village is base village of fort,located 13 Km North-West of Junnar. From base village there are two paths to reach to top of the fort. The easiest way is from the southern side, which passes through the main gate and stairs. The other way is from the northern side of the fort called ‘Kilyacha rasta’ or ‘khunti cha marg. There is a rock patch of 20feet high to climb and large bolts are permanently fixed on this route.Some trekkers climb using this bolts without aid of rope with bare hands.I not recommend trek from this route as single mistake leads to life and death situation. Help of experts with climbing apparatus and ropes should be taken while climbing for safety. The trek routes with details are mentioned in video. There are few water tanks on fort engraved in stone. Also a temple of lord Shiva, consisting of unique idols of Ganesh,Hanuman,Garuda,Vittal-Rukmini. Also there is unique goddess temple, Hanuman temple and Ganesh Temple located nearby Shiva Temple. One can enjoy beautiful scenery around from top of fort.

History :
It is believed that Hadsar fort was built in the Satvahana Era. This fort was mentioned in the Treaty of Purandar between King Shivaji and mughals. Later fort was captured by British in 1818.

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