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Naneghat | Nanacha Angatha | Jivdhan Fort Importance

Saturday, July 15th, 2017 | mumbaihikers | Jivdhan

Jivdhan Fort is at the top of Nane Ghat with very important historical significance since Satvahana dynasties of Maharashtra. As Nane Ghat was ancient trading route, so many traders from all over the world used to travel through this way towards capital of Satvahana dynasty, Pratishthan [Paithan]. To provide security for them dynasties charging them some taxes. These taxes were in different froms like grains, cloths, money etc. For temporary storage of all this, Jivdhan fort played very important role. Unfortunately in 1818 British were came in Junnar to destroy all forts and attacked Jivdhan also. While visiting to Nane ghat, Please do visit to Jivdhan Fort. We Junnar Tourism Development Organization is committed to promote this heritage of Junnar.

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