Bhairavgad Re-bolting Project – 2012

Bhairavgad (Moroshi) Wall Re-bolting project

The scenic grand location of Bhairavgad is situated at downside of Malshej Ghat, of Thane district & is surrounded by Sahyadri range near Moroshi village. Bhairavgad is isolated among them with 2835ft height above sea level and most frequently visited by trekkers and climbers. Towards the south of Moroshi village we could see the giant wall of Bhairavgad having height of about 450ft. This wall itself is called as Bhairavgad. This Bhairavgad wall is spread across east-west direction. From east, there is only one traditional trek route to get to the top of the fort through rock-cut broken steps having nearly 80° vertical climb with an exposure had become risky for climbing these days. Also there is one Technical Climbing route is on West side of the fort. This route was firstly climbed 20 years before. While climbing it was bolted with traditional ring bolts which are aged now & not safe now with regards to reliability & breaking strength and always carried a risk of accident while climbing. Because of Deep exposure & difficult grade of climbing route, it is needed to place new bolts considering the safety of climbers & mountaineers going to Bhairavgad. And accordingly new steel bolts (Mahatma Gandhi Bolt-MGB) replacing old traditional bolts.

Durgpremi Giribhraman Sanstha from Pune took to the initiative to sponsor the project & all technical support required was shouldered by Safe Climbing Initiative (SCI). This project was completed by both the organizations together under the leadership of Project Leaders with support from 115 enthusiastic participants throughout the project. And this project was completed between 28th Nov 2012 to 3rd Dec 2012.

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