Bhagirath Waterfall Vangani Ambernath near Mumbai, Maharashtra | Famous Indian Waterfalls

Bhagirath waterfall is located in Bedis village, Ambernath Taluka near east of vangani railway satation. Bhagirath waterfall is 2 to 2 half hours away from mumbai. This is the most beautiful place one-day picnic near Mumbai, especially in monsoon.

This waterfall is Safe and Beautiful. The surrounding area also offers quiet and peaceful setting making it ideal for relaxing and spending close to nature. Many people are visiting this waterfall for enjoyment. There are no arrangement of food and snacks so carry your snacks.

How to Reach: Bhagirath Waterfall is just 2 KM from vangani railway station. You can go to by auto rickshaw to reach the waterfall.

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