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kondeshwar waterfall Badlapur Thane

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017 | mumbaihikers | Vangani WaterFall

Kondeshwar Waterfall is one of the most popular picnic spot near Thane, This waterfall is located around 10 km from Badlapur Station east.
Auto rickshaw also take up to the village to Kondeshwar.
Kondeshwar is remotely located away from noise and urban pollution.
Kondeshwar is a very beautiful place to be in a monsoon period.
. there is The Lord Shiva Temple called Kondeshwar temple.
This waterfall is usually crowded during weekends and on holidays.
This place is good for family and also for teenagers and also a one day spot for those who have Badlapur station near..
This waterfall has a good splash and is located amidst dense greenery.
The presence of the ancient Shiva Temple adds beauty of the existing waterfall.
The Kondeshwar Waterfall is popular among waterfall lovers. You have to get down before sunset.
Many accidents and causalities happen while swimming in the pond .
There’s a small hotel like shop at the village. You can get snacks and tea, biscuits over there.
But availability of lunch and rich food is not there. Better take your Tiffin’s or get your snacks in market near Badlapur station.
The pond is deep at the base of the fall and gradually becomes shallow a the end from where it flows further. so be carefull. and enjoy your weekend.
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