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Lingmala Waterfall | Mahabaleshwarm | Amazing Waterfall | Vitara Brezza Ride | Part- 4

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017 | mumbaihikers | Lingmala Waterfall

“Best Attraction of Mahabaleshwar in the Monsoons.”
This may be about the most beautiful place in Mahabaleshwar. Your vehicles go upto the Forest Guest house. From there you have to walk down a forest path and cross a water stream.Further ahead you get to see a decent waterfall after a few initial rains.Most tourists skip this spot due to the walk through the forest.A must visit spot.

It was a rainy day… one may feel scared or have second thoughts on going to a waterfall during rains.. but it’s one of the best time to go there. The path is made properly with proper railing. They also sweep and keep it neat and clean. So if you are here visit the waterfall
This waterfall is tucked away between two hills. It lies at the head of the Venna Valley. It can be accessed either from the Pune – Mahabaleshwar Road or the Satara Road. There is a small winding road through the forests leading to the falls. You can park your vehicle outside the Forest Office (Satara Van Vibhag) and buy your token to enter the ‘Lingmala Nature Trail’.

There is well paved track leading down to the falls. There are log benches to sit and rest for a while if you get tired climbing back. It takes about 10 minutes to walk down.

There are two parts of the falls. The left track leads to the minor falls, where the falling water forms a pool where one can take a dip. Be careful of the rocks, though. The right track leads to the point from where one can view the main falls, as it showers down into the valley below.

The Lingmala Falls are best visited after the start of the monsoons in July and August. Then one can see and feel the forces of nature in all its glory.

However, even at other times of the year it is a good place to visit, just to experience the walk through the forests on the Lingmala Nature Trail.
The beautiful waterfall of Lingmala is located just 6 km away from Mahabaleshwar and is located at the top of Venna Lake. In monsoon the shining water from the lake is at its best where water plunges from a height of around 600 ft which is beautiful to watch. The best time to visit the waterfall is between July to December. Many tourists come to visit this place as this is one of the famous and amazing spot in Mahabaleshwar.

The Lingmala waterfall is best viewed in Monsoon season as the stream of the waterfall has a steep cliff coming out of the mountain in a high flow but in off season the flow is not so great and is divided by the rocks. The sight is mostly surrounded by the rainbows making us feel like heaven.

You can really enjoy a quite day in Lingmala waterfall with nothing but the sound of water with the beauty of nature and your camera will make you remember this journey for your life time.

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