Waterfall – Vajrai, Kaas Flower Plateau, Satara, Maharastra, INDIA

Vajrai Waterfalls, Satara, India.

The video shows the majestic 3 tired Vajrai Waterfalls near Kaas plateau in its full glory during peak monsoon season. Located in Sahyadris (Satara District) surrounded by dense forest, creates breathtaking scenes with single plunge rushing down from 850 plus feet height. One can spend several hours appreciating the sheer beauty of falls and natural surroundings. A must visit during monsoons & Kaas blooming season.

The water fall is located near Kaas Plateau, around 27 km from Satara, Maharastra. Fed by Kaas lake and birth place of Urmodi river which flows down to Urmodi Reservoir.

We had to make our own way through the thorny bushes and 70 degree sloppy,slippery mountain to reach edge, with couple of leeches on our feet.
We’ve tried to film this from approx 500 mtr. away from top front view , which looks quite spectacular. and added slow motion frames & soothing music to compliment it.
Hope you all viewers like it 🙂
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