Mumbaihikers rules update 23-9-2017

Dear Team,

After yet another bad experience where a group calls up and shouts at us ,when they do not follow the rules . I  am updating the rules  which is also there in the existing TOS.

we will continue the free service of the google spreadsheet with the help of volunteers to maintain the format of the spreadsheet. With updated rules 1 & 2 .

If you would like to help please reply to this mail or whatsapp 9769848744.

1) Removal from the spreadsheet if rules not followed .There will be no explanation .Please read and train you posters on the google spreadsheet


for the past two years we have told many groups and trained many groups 100s time on how to post to the google spreadsheet free of cost with our time and effort. Only because we felt we could help the group getting better response to their events

First they demand why their event is not visible on the sites.Because they do not post on the spreadsheet

For this reason we will not take the effort to try and contact you on whatsapp/sms/facebook from today.To help you post to the spreadsheet correctly 


on top of they they mentioned the 3 points below. Which caused us to send out the mail of the discontinuation of the service. But we still want to help the other 59 groups ,most of have been very respectful and also perfect posters for the past 2 years.

2) Removal if shouted at or talked to disrespectfully or if you argue on clear rules of the tos and spreadsheet

Clarification to new groups especially those who called and talked rudely.

1) There are no CLIENTS on mumbaihikers. we consider all group friends. We do not give access to corp-orates or others who treat mumbaihikers like a cheap service and feel they can talk disrespectfully for the tiny sum they paid for posting access.2) If you feel like going to the “number of portals” please go there. Do not make mumbaihikers feel like we are doing you a favour or just another portal.3) You are given posting access on ONLY (as long as you follow the rules for a small sum of 1000) and do not expect you can talk to us like you are paying us 1 lakh.

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