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दुर्गाडी किल्ला | Durgadi fort | Kalyan

Saturday, December 2nd, 2017 | mumbai hiker | Videos

The fort is built on a small hill near the creek, near the present day Mumbai-Agra road. The main entrance has been destroyed, but the bastions can still be seen. This is Ganesh Darwaja and there is a Ganesh Idol here. There is a temple of Goddess Durga in the fort which was revived by Ramji Mahadev Bivalkar, the Subhedar of Kalyan during the Peshwa rule. There are two more bastions and some fort remnants to the side of the creek.

Ways To Reach :
The fort is located in Kalyan west, near the Kalyan creek and the Mumbai-Agra road. We can get a bus or rickshaw near Kalyan railway station and reach the fort in 15 minutes.

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